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The Ultimate Guide to Crochet Hook Sizes

The Ultimate Guide to Crochet Hook Sizes

The diameter of a crochet hook is referred to as its size. Your choice of hook size will be influenced by the type and weight of yarn you’re using, the size and tension of the stitches you wish to make, as well as other factors.

A basket filled with yarns and in-progress heart-shaped crochet with a hook.

The sizes of crochet hooks are commonly denoted in the United States by a letter, ranging from B (2.25 mm) through N. (9.00 mm).

The sizes of crochet hooks in the United Kingdom are commonly denoted by a number, ranging from 14 (2.00 mm) to 00. (10.00 mm).

You should always check the size of your hook with a crochet hook size chart or a gauge swatch because crochet hook sizes might vary significantly between various manufacturers.

A basic chart of crochet hook sizes is shown below:

B or 2.25 mm Fine yarn or thread
C or 2.75 mmLight weight yarn
D or 3.25 mmLight to medium weight yarn
E or 3.50 mmMedium weight yarn
F or 3.75 mmMedium to bulky yarn
G or 4.00 mmBulky yarn
H or 5.00 mmBulky yarn
I or 5.50 mmBulky yarn
J or 6.00 mmBulky yarn
K or 6.50 mmSuper bulky yarn
L or 8.00 mmSuper bulky yarn
M or 9.00 mmSuper bulky yarn
N or 10.00 mmSuper bulky yarn
P or 11.50 mmSuper bulky yarn
Q or 15.00 mmSuper bulky yarn
S or 19.00 mmSuper bulky yarn


To make sure that your stitches are equal and regular, use the proper size crochet hook for your project. Your stitches can be too close together and your project might be challenging to work with if you use a crochet hook that is too small for the yarn you’re using.

On the other hand, your stitches could be too loose and your creation might seem sloppy if you use a crochet hook that is too big for the yarn you are using.

In general, you should use a hook that is a little bit smaller than the hook size suggested for the yarn you’re using since it will produce stitches that are more compact and a garment that is more cohesive.

The suggested hook size will often be stated in a design if one is being used.

Crochet Hook Types and Their Advantages

The sort of crochet hook you use can change the appearance and feel of your product because there are a variety of sizes and materials for crochet hooks.

Different crochet and knit hooks on a wooden plate with yarns.

Popular crochet hook types:

Aluminum crochet hooks

These hooks are smooth and lightweight, making them simple to use. They are a wonderful option for novices and available in a variety of sizes.

Steel crochet hooks

To crochet delicate yarns and intricate patterns, use thin steel hooks. They may be more difficult to work with than larger hooks, but they are ideal for fine work.

Plastic crochet hooks

Although plastic crochet hooks might be more fragile than metal ones, they are nonetheless lightweight and simple to use. They work well for jobs that call for softer yarns.

Bamboo crochet hooks

Bamboo crochet hooks are a common alternative for individuals who favor environmentally friendly products because they are composed of natural materials. Although they are smooth and lightweight, they are sometimes more costly than other kinds of crochet hooks.

Tunisian crochet hooks

These hooks, which are also called afghan crochet hooks, feature a long, flat shaft with a hook on one end. They are utilized for Tunisian crochet, a kind of crocheting that results in a special, textured cloth.

Ergonomic crochet hooks

With a handle that is contoured to match the hand, these hooks are made to be more pleasant to grip. For individuals who crochet for extended amounts of time or who experience hand or wrist pain, they are a wonderful option.

Wood crochet hooks

Crochet hooks made of wood, which may be either smooth or textured, are still another apparent option. Since they could be more comfortable to hold for certain people, they might be preferred for projects employing thicker yarns.

Crochet hook and yarn on top of crochet square patterns.

In conclusion, there are a wide variety of crochet hooks available, each with special qualities and advantages. When choosing a hook for your crochet creation, take into account its size, material, and planned purpose.

You may find the sort of hook that works best for you and your projects by experimenting with a variety of hook types. Happy Crocheting!

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