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YarnPlaces.com began as a way to document incredible public displays of knit and crochet art – also known as "yarn bombing." Our obession with making things from yarn has led us to currate the best free crochet and knitting patterns we find online.


About Yarn Bombing

How does yarn bombing work?

A kind of street art called yarn bombing, often referred to as yarn storming or guerilla knitting, is covering things in public places with knitted or crocheted yarn.

Who first used yarn bombs?

According to reports, the practice of yarn bombing began in Texas, USA, in the early 2000s, thanks to the efforts of knitters like Magda Sayeg and the Knitta Please collective.

What are some typical targets for yarn bombing?

Objects like street signs, lampposts, monuments, bridges, and trees are frequently the targets of yarn bombing.

Why do people yarn bomb, you ask?

While some yarn bombers do it for the joy and creative outlet it offers, others do it as a form of political or social protest.

Is yarn bombing permitted?

Depending on the setting and the particulars, yarn bombing may or may not be lawful. Before covering an item, some yarn bombers get permission, while others operate clandestinely. Yarn bombing could occasionally be seen as vandalism and be punished.

Typically, how long does yarn bombing last?

Depending on the materials used and the conditions it is exposed to, yarn bombing can endure anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Can yarn bombing be taken off on something?

The yarn bombing and the item it is fastened to will determine the answer. While some yarn bombing may be quickly erased, some could be more challenging. It's preferable to ask the yarn bomber or the local authorities for advice if you're unsure.

Emily Robinson

I've been knitting for 13 years and crocheting for 9 years. Making things with my hands is my therapy! I can't get enough free crochet and knit patterns, so I started this site so I can share my obsession with my fellow yarn-lovers.

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