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Greenwood Hill Farm
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Greenwood Hill Farm

59 Brigham Street
Hubbardston MA 01452

Official Website:
Fibers:  wool

Greenwood Hill Farm is a family owned farm raising Merino sheep, both white and natural colored. Our main purpose for raising the Merino breed is for their wool which is the world's finest. The fineness of the fiber one the Merino sheep spins into luxuriously soft wool yarn and called therefore the no itch wool. Because we raise both white and natural colored Merinos we produce 4 natural colors of yarn, white and dark chocolate and 2 blends 10% black to white which we call silver and 25% black to white which we call pewter. Our sheep are raised on natural grass pastures and local second cut grass hay. They all are fed a high quality grain which contains no chemicals or hormones. Not all of the lambs meet our high standards for fleece and conformation and are shipped to a USDA certified slaughter house. Th more...)



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