Workshop Deadline for The Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival is May 30

bigskyfestThis is a heads-up for folks planning to attend The Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival, June 14-16, in Hamilton, Montana. If you want to sign up for a workshop, registration forms must be received by Thursday, May 30th, 2013. We’ll be doing a comprehensive overview of festival events the week of the festival, but for now here is list of the workshop offerings and a link to register for a workshop:

Crochet: Knitting or Crocheting with Locks, Rovings & Thrums; Crochet a Potato Chip Scarf

Dyeing: Dyeing a Handspinner’s Menagerie, Pounded Plant Dyed Fabric

Doll Making: Spirit Dolls

Felting: Elegant Nuno Felted Scarf; Nuno Felted Hand-Shaped Hat; Inlaid Felting – A Hot Pad

Knitting: Knitting or Crocheting with Locks, Rovings & Thrums; Domino Knitting; Toe Up on Two for Your Tootsies

Spinning: Spinning Alpaca Yarns 5 Ways; Spinning Silk; Sample a Fleece in a Flash; Making Lead Ropes and Leashes; Twist and Shout; Bump it Up a Notch

Polymer Clay: Button Making Stepped Up a Notch

Tapestry: Woven Tapestry Beaded Bag

Weaving: Revised Weighted Warp Loom Weaving a Scarf; Learning to Weave an Overshot Scarf; Weaving with Novelty Yarns; Making Lead Ropes and Leashes

General Craft: Embellishment with a Purpose, Scraps to Fabulous


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