Purgatory Falls Alpaca Farm Shop, Lyndeborough, New Hampshire

purgalp4 Today’s interview is with the folks at Purgatory Falls Alpaca Farm in Lyndeborough, New Hampshire, who sell their wonderful alpaca yarn and products from their farm home (and through Etsy).

Can you tell us a little bit about your shop? What is the atmosphere like? Is there anything that makes your shop different from other yarn shops?

Here at Purgatory Falls Alpaca Farm, we offer a variety of yarns and roving. It is an atmosphere where you can meet the animal that your yarn comes from as we raise the alpacas and llamas right here where the yarn is sold. Our shop is in our home and so you get to see where Dana weaves her beautiful alpaca scarves and blankets, not to mention rugs and fabulous Gypsy bags. It is a wonderful place and you should plan to spend several hours feeding the alpacas their favorite treat, carrots, and sampling the delightful yarns available in Dana’s hand dyed colors!

purgalp5Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the history of your shop? How did you get interested in knitting/crocheting? How did you come to open or own a yarn shop? Readers will love to hear your story – so tell it!

Tim and Dana started Purgatory Falls Alpaca Farm in 2005 with six alpacas. The yarn shop is an outcropping of the growth of the farm. Dana lives to dye and it shows in the gorgeous naturally dyed and acid dyed yarns she sells in
the farm store. She creates beautiful scarves, blankets and shawls as well. We also do hand spinning of your dog hair or special orders of both dyeing and spinning. If you have a special project and would like some help planning it, we’re here to help.

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Which yarns do you carry? Traditional yarns? Exotic or unusual yarns? Novelty yarns? Local farm yarns? Eco-friendly yarns? How large is your inventory?

purgalpOur inventory is solely our own alpacas and the few woolen fleeces that are special and available to us through local farms that we know. We carry handspun yarns and roving dyed in our shop. Every spring through summer, we are out gathering herbs and flowers to make our beautiful natural dyed yarns.


What, if any, classes do you offer at your shop? Do you offer any type of social gatherings for knitters and crocheters?

Several times during the spring through fall, we have gatherings at the farm for knitters and spinners. We also offer classes throughout the summer in natural and eco dyeing. We can offer spinning and weaving classes by appointment, one-on-one or small groups.

What trends do you see in knitting in general, and yarn choices in particular?

I am thrilled to see that the craft of knitting and spinning as well as weaving and other fiber arts are very “in.” It’s so gratifying to me to see young folks picking up the art of making your own articles from yarns that are crafted locally.
I take great pleasure in seeing the items that are made from my yarns and knowing that it’s all sustainable here on our

purgalp2Do you have favorite yarns? What do you use them for?

Alpaca, alpaca, alpaca, both Suri and Huacaya! I use them for everything from hats, scarves, shawls, blankets to felted winter boots and hats. Alpaca is king!

Do you have a mail order business?

We sell through our website at www.purgatoryfallsalpaca.com and the link is Yarn Store.
You can also call us for an appointment to come visit the farm and select your yarns right

purgalp1Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Come see us!

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