Pine Needle Farm in Montana

pineneedlegoats1Our interview today is with Ann of Pine Needle Farm in northwestern Montana, producer of fine cashmere yarn and roving. Just look at the photos- both the farm and the yarn are absolutely gorgeous!

Can you tell us a little bit about your farm related to fiber arts? The type of animals and number of animals? Is there anything that makes your farm different from other farms?

Pine Needle Farm raises top quality cashmere goats and provides some of the finest American Cashmere available. The fiber is combed off the goats in the Spring, washed in organic soap and dehaired, spun and crocheted right here on the farm. The goats are Naturally raised, with no chemicals, hormones or anything artificial used at all. Herbs and vitamins are what keeps them healthy and growing some exceptional cashmere! I have over 60 goats now, with the 2013 kid crop just starting to be born.

pineneedle5Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the history of your farm? How did you get interested in creating fibers for knitters? How did you come to fiber arts farming? Readers will love to hear your story – so tell it!

I got talked into going and looking at some dairy goats with a friend back in 2001. The farm also had some cashmere goats. I ended up with a couple of dairy goats and 4 cashmere goats from that trip. I knew how to crochet already, so then I learned how to spin after acquiring the cashmere goats. The goats and everything cashmere is now my passion. I love the goats and can not imagine life without them. I’ve become totally spoiled, getting to work with such luxurious fiber every day! I love being able to provide such wonderful fiber to the community, all grown here in the USA.

pineneedle3What type of products do you create for the fiber arts community?

I provide dehaired cashmere cloud ready for spinning, and hand spun yarn, both in natural colors and dyed. I also do a limited amount of dehairing for other cashmere raisers if they have five goats or less and want to spin the fiber for themselves. I offer a package of dehairing and spinning of their cashmere if they don’t spin themselves, but have a couple of cashmere goats and would like to make something from their own animals’ fleece.

pineneedle4Do you sell fiber products directly to consumers? How can someone purchase products from your farm or producted by your farm?

I do sell directly to the consumer via my website, or if you come for a visit to the farm. Please see my website for what products are available. The cashmere is in a very limited supply, and it sells out quickly each year.

Can we visit your farm?

Yes, you can visit the farm, I love showing off my goats! Just call to arrange a time and get directions to the place. The directions on the Google maps are not correct.

pineneedle2Do you have any specialties that you would like the fiber arts community to know about?

I have a limited number of Fiber CSA shares available each year, both in cloud for spinning, and hand spun yarn for knitting or crocheting with. Also hand spun yarn by the ounce, and cloud by the ounce.

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