On The Lamb, Uxbridge, Ontario

onthelamb1This week’s interview is with the owner of On The Lamb in Uxbridge, Ontario, a wonderful LYS with great spirit. They do some terrific charity work and  I love how they came up with their name!

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your shop? What is the atmosphere like? Is there anything that makes your shop different from other yarn shops?

We have a warm, welcoming independent knitting shop located in the heart of downtown Uxbridge. We reside in our very own 135 year old building, that offers plenty of character. Our teaching table is often surrounded by happy folks, laughing, giggling and sipping coffee. And sometimes knitting!

On The Lamb is a safe place for folks to continue to “Honour the Traditions” of those who have come before.

Because we have been blessed with so many wonderful things in our lives, we like to give back. We have some charity knitting programs: Knitted Knockers (knitted breast prosthesis for women who have had mastectomies,) Chemo Caps (we have donated over 400 to Sunnybrooke Hospital in Toronto, and Toques for Troops (a very popular program where we knit helmets for our troops overseas.)

onthelamb22. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the history of your shop? How did you get interested in knitting/crocheting? How did you come to open or own a yarn shop? Readers will love to hear your story – so tell it!

On The Lamb came into being when I really wanted a place of my own to knit, teach others, explore creativity with colours and textures and meet other knitters! I longed for the local workshop where likeminded folks could gather and share my passion!

My Grandmother taught me how to knit when I was six, on 4 needles.
This taught me that one must walk before one can run.

My great Aunt May-May, who was legally blind, increased my skills. She’s the one who told me, and i often repeat in my classes, “If you’re going to be happy with that mistake, you can leave it. But i don’t think you will be!”
This taught me that knitting can be perfect, but doesn’t need to be, as long as the knitter will be happy with it.

My customers have taught me that everything is easier with a laugh and a giggle.
This taught me that knitting is not rocket science. And we can always fix it.

onthelamb33. Which yarns do you carry? Traditional yarns? Exotic or unusual yarns? Novelty yarns? Local farm yarns? Eco-friendly yarns? How large is your inventory?

We carry traditional and unconventional yarns in 1000 square feet of gorgeous warm space. We have wool blends, we have pure blends, linens, cottons, silks, mohairs. We love the touch and feel of yarn and encourage our customers to feel the blend against their necks! We support as many of our Canadian producers as we can; Fleece Artist, Koigu and Sweet Georgia come to mind.

We encourage and promote socks and shawls – being the perfect project for folks to manage as they may be as complex or basic as we want.

4. What, if any, classes do you offer at your shop? Do you offer any type of social gatherings for knitters and crocheters?

We offer workshop classes on Sunday afternoons – 1 – 3. These are every changing and evolving and current workshop selection will be available on my website www.onthelamb.ca
We also offer drop in days – there are small charges that apply, but you receive a 10% discount on materials purchased in the shop and free coffee!!!
Wednesday – New Beginners – 10:30 – 12. $10
Thursday – KnitWits – 10 – 12. $5
Friday – Sitn’ Knit – 10:30 – 12. $5
No registration required.

We support those who support us and are happy to offer assistance with some of the more confusing patterns. For work that requires a bit more time, we are happy to organize a private teaching session.

onthelamb45. What trends do you see in knitting in general, and yarn choices in particular?

We will always be intrigued by the Indie-dyers as they offer so much in the way of creatively dyed yarn. Also “Women First” work collectives are always very popular and good for our soul. It’s such an easy way to offer a ‘hand up’ to those women in other countries who are beginning their very own initiatives.

Trends? Small projects you can take with you – socks, scarves,

6. Do you have favorite yarns? What do you use them for?

I love Fleece Artist & Koigu – and I’ll knit just about anything in them; socks, shawls, scarves, baby sweaters.

7. Do you have a mail order business?

We will have a mail order business as of April 30, 2013.

8. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

The name occurred when my husband, a Criminal Lawyer thought that On The Lamb would be an interesting way to marry our two interests.

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