Easy Go Farm, Hillsboro, Oregon

easygofarmyarnToday’s interview is with the owner of Easy Go Farm, a lovely sheep and alpaca farm in Hillsboro, Oregon that welcomes visitors!

Can you tell us a little bit about your farm related to fiber arts? The type of animals and number of animals? Is there anything that makes your farm different from other farms?

We are owned by alpacas, sheep, barn cats, and about half a dozen hens and roosters who’ve managed to keep themselves away from maurading racoons.
My college roommate taught me to knit. I finished two sweaters, but have done nothing since then. My husband has taken classes in spinning, knitting, weaving, felting, dyeing, and probably some that I’ve forgotten – he figures if he’s going to talk the talk, he has to know how to walk the walk.
For me, love for the animals came first, followed by love for fleece.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the history of your farm? How did you get interested in creating fibers for knitters? How did you come to fiber arts farming? Readers will love to hear your story – so tell it!

Our farm started when we were given an orphaned Angora goat. We bought another doe kid to keep her company, along with a Nubian kid (Shiva the Destroyer). We added sheep a few years later.
One weekend we went to a wool show, walked around a corner, and OH MY GOODNESS. “World’s cutest llama!” I said. Well, of course, it was an alpaca, and back then, they cost a fortune. Though it took us 5 years of “thinking it over,” we couldn’t resist and in 1993 bought two females. That makes us old-timers in the alpaca business.

What type of products do you create for the fiber arts community?

For spinners, we have fleece straight off the animal, clean and skirted. We card some into batts, send some to a mill in southern Oregon for yarn, send some to our national co-op in return for yarn, scarves, socks, and other products.

Do you sell fiber products directly to consumers? How can someone purchase products from your farm or produced by your farm?

We sell all our products at the farm, off our website, or at various events – the events are listed on our Home Page at www.easygofarm.net and most of the fleece and yarn can be seen at www.easygofarm.net/YarnAlpaca.

Can we visit your farm?

We love having visitors. Our shearing days are noted on our Home Page. We’re open to visitors then, but it’s a busy noisy day, so there’s not much opportunity to chat. However, we’re retired and home most of the time, so just give us a call or an email to arrange a visit.

Do you have any specialties that you would like the fiber arts community to know about?

We have inexpensive alpaca geldings for folks who want to produce their own fiber – or for lawn mowers, 4-H, or pasture ornaments. We enjoy mentoring new owners and hope to keep in touch with all who buy from us.
And we sell breeding quality alpacas to people who want to enter the alpaca business.

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