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May 2013

Easy Go Farm, Hillsboro, Oregon

easygofarmyarnToday’s interview is with the owner of Easy Go Farm, a lovely sheep and alpaca farm in Hillsboro, Oregon that welcomes visitors!

Can you tell us a little bit about your farm related to fiber arts? The type of animals and number of animals? Is there anything that makes your farm different from other farms?

We are owned by alpacas, sheep, barn cats, and about half a dozen hens and roosters who’ve managed to keep themselves away from maurading racoons.
My college roommate taught me to knit. I finished two sweaters, but have done nothing since then. My husband has taken classes in spinning, knitting, weaving, felting, dyeing, and probably some that I’ve forgotten – he figures if he’s going to talk the talk, he has to know how to walk the walk.
For me, love for the animals came first, followed by love for fleece.

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From Graffiti Artist to Yarnbomber to Gallery Artist, HOTTEA Takes Minneapolis by Storm


Eric Rieger aka HOTTEA

Eric Rieger, aka HOTTEA,  is not your typical gallery artist. A former graffiti artist, Rieger was, at one time, more accustomed to police tasers, than art openings. Rieger says he quit the graffiti life because of the toll it took on his family. And so he tried a more traditional path for artistic youth- art school. In 2007, he graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and worked in the proper world for proper companies like Converse, Red Bull and Google. But he still had a hankering for the streets.

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The Fiber and Wool Festival at Flagstaff

flagstafffiberfestThe Fiber and Wool Festival at Flagstaff is a two day celebration of everything fiber with live animals, demonstrations, workshops and a fleece, fiber and crafts sale with over 20 fiber related vendors.

Children (and grown-ups) are sure to love the live animal events such as the sheep dog trials, shearing demos, and  animal displays including Churro sheep, Suri alpacas, Huacaya alpacas, Angora goats (Mohair), Cashmere goats and Angora rabbits.

Workshops include Needle Felting with Nancy Wildson, Local Native Plant Dyes and Exotic Dyes with Ishikawa Zuni, and Soap-making.

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Workshop Deadline for The Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival is May 30

bigskyfestThis is a heads-up for folks planning to attend The Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival, June 14-16, in Hamilton, Montana. If you want to sign up for a workshop, registration forms must be received by Thursday, May 30th, 2013. We’ll be doing a comprehensive overview of festival events the week of the festival, but for now here is list of the workshop offerings and a link to register for a workshop:

Crochet: Knitting or Crocheting with Locks, Rovings & Thrums; Crochet a Potato Chip Scarf

Dyeing: Dyeing a Handspinner’s Menagerie, Pounded Plant Dyed Fabric

Doll Making: Spirit Dolls

Felting: Elegant Nuno Felted Scarf; Nuno Felted Hand-Shaped Hat; Inlaid Felting – A Hot Pad

Knitting: Knitting or Crocheting with Locks, Rovings & Thrums; Domino Knitting; Toe Up on Two for Your Tootsies

Spinning: Spinning Alpaca Yarns 5 Ways; Spinning Silk; Sample a Fleece in a Flash; Making Lead Ropes and Leashes; Twist and Shout; Bump it Up a Notch

Polymer Clay: Button Making Stepped Up a Notch

Tapestry: Woven Tapestry Beaded Bag

Weaving: Revised Weighted Warp Loom Weaving a Scarf; Learning to Weave an Overshot Scarf; Weaving with Novelty Yarns; Making Lead Ropes and Leashes

General Craft: Embellishment with a Purpose, Scraps to Fabulous


The Magnolia State Fiber Festival

magnoliastatefiberbestThere are workshops, workshops and more workshops at the Magnolia State Fiber Festival this weekend! Knitters, crocheters, spinners, carders, blenders, artists, felters, hookers, tatters and weavers- there is something for all of you at every level of expertise. Sign up quickly as space is limited! In addition to all the workshops, the festival will host a marketplace of 25 fiber related vendors.


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Deadline to Register for Estes Park Wool Market Workshops is Monday, May 27

estesparkwoolmarkThe Estes Park Wool Market, June 8 and 9, is one of the biggest in the US. It will kick off with workshops Thursday and Friday, June 6 and 7. This is a shout-out to folks who are interested in signing up for a workshop- registration ends Memorial Day, May 27! Here is an overview of the offerings and a link to register for a workshop :

 Knitting: Swedish Mittens, Knitting on the Edge, The Language of Lace, Make it Yourself, Toe-Up Socks using Magic Loop Technique, Cables, Twists and More, Exploring the Long Draw, Knitting with Beads, Preparing Cashmere for Lace Knitting, Shoulders that Sing

 Spinning: Spinning Alpaca, Spinning 101, Spinning Cotton on a Charkha and Tahkli, Raging Combs, So You Want to Make a Color Way, Spiraling Fibers

 Tapestry: Tapestry, Miniature 4-Selvedge Tapestry Weaving,

 Weaving: Loom Foolery – Beginning Rigid Heddle Fun


2013 Virginia Knits Virginia Yarn Crawl and Map

Virginia Knits Virginia Yarn Crawl Map (click to enlarge)

Virginia Knits Virginia Yarn Crawl Map
(click to enlarge)

Heads up, folks around Roanoke, Virginia! There is a three day yarn crawl happening in your neck of the woods, May 30, 31 and June 1 2013. The give-aways include door prizes at each shop, and a grand prize of yarns, supplies and gift cards valued at over $500! In order to be eligible for the grand prize, you must get your card punched at each of the six shops on the tour. Punch cards may be picked up, and completed cards dropped off, at any participating shop on the tour.

But the really cool thing about this tour, in my opinion, is this: each LYS is partnering with a different Virginia hand dyer to provide a custom, one of a kind yarn during the tour. Here is a list of participating shops and their hand dye partners:

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The East Tennessee Yarn Crawl, June 1-15

East Tennessee Yarn Crawl (click to enlarge)

East Tennessee Yarn Crawl
(click to enlarge)

The East Tennessee Yarn Crawl is a brand new two week yarn tour of shops in the greater Knoxville area, from June 1-15. The deadline to sign up for the event was May 18,  but I have just been informed that if you make The Yarn Haven in Knoxville your first stop, you can get a passport there, and still participate! Visit as many or few of 13 shops as you like. At each shop you will receive a free knitting or crochet pattern, and a chance to register for 3 prizes at that shop. If you visit every shop on the tour, you are eligible to win a grand prize- a $25 gift certificate for each shop (for a total of $325). Two grand prizes will be given away. Click on the image to the left for an interactive map of the shops on the tour with additional info about each shop.

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On The Lamb, Uxbridge, Ontario

onthelamb1This week’s interview is with the owner of On The Lamb in Uxbridge, Ontario, a wonderful LYS with great spirit. They do some terrific charity work and  I love how they came up with their name!

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your shop? What is the atmosphere like? Is there anything that makes your shop different from other yarn shops?

We have a warm, welcoming independent knitting shop located in the heart of downtown Uxbridge. We reside in our very own 135 year old building, that offers plenty of character. Our teaching table is often surrounded by happy folks, laughing, giggling and sipping coffee. And sometimes knitting!

On The Lamb is a safe place for folks to continue to “Honour the Traditions” of those who have come before.

Because we have been blessed with so many wonderful things in our lives, we like to give back. We have some charity knitting programs: Knitted Knockers (knitted breast prosthesis for women who have had mastectomies,) Chemo Caps (we have donated over 400 to Sunnybrooke Hospital in Toronto, and Toques for Troops (a very popular program where we knit helmets for our troops overseas.)

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